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Doctor creates “ImmunaBand” to digitally access and reveal coronavirus vaccination

A doctor has reportedly just created a bracelet that will allow you to access your vaccination information digitally. According to the report from Fox 29, One restaurant is now requiring these bracelets for their employees.

The bracelet is being deemed a new ID bracelet with a QR code that proves that you have been vaccinated. One restaurant owner of El Merkury Sophia Deleon said this was very important. “We partnered with Immunaband to upload our vaccine cards that let customers know we were all vaccinated,” Deleon explained.

Immunaband is a wearable ID for anyone who wants it. Dr. Tashof Bernton developed the product with the help of his son, a Wharton school grad, and made the connection to El Merkury.

“As we come back together as a society, it’s nice to have to have a way to tell each other I’m safe and I’ve been vaccinated,” Bernton said. “You get the Immunaband, you upload your card, and it’s with you all the time if you want it. You just use the QR code.”

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